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OTS Tin Containers

OTS Tin Containers

The OTS Tin Containers are made of high-speed precision body makers with welded portion duly covered with two pack lining lacquer. The Containers are either beaded or non beaded. OTS cans are supplied with seamed (built up) or in flattened form. In addition, OTS Cans are widely used for packing various types of food items such as fruits, pulps, vegetables, juices, jams, meat, fish, mushroom, baked beans etc.

  • Plain or Printed with Hard Rolled Gloss
  • Varnish or Epoxy Phenoilic lacquer
  • Side-Seam welding with both side applied
  • Two Pack Lining solution or Powder Coating
  • Inside Epiphenolic, Polyamid Lacquer on tin as well as the Components to avoid any kind of damage to the tin or the Packed material.
  • For Fish Tin, Silver SR lacquers & Aluminized Lining solutions used to ensure the quality & durability of the packed product & its container.

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    OTS Tin Containers 01

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    OTS Tin Containers 02

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    OTS Tin Containers 03

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